I bring clarity, empathy, creativity and excellence to every project.

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A few words

I am a time management aficionada with a marketing background which has taught me all about business constraints, so that today I can balance users and business’s best interests in my design work. Now I combine my marketing experience with my user-first mindset to create insightful strategies and design user-friendly solutions.

How did I get there?

During my years as a marketing product manager, I became more and more interested in the end users, how people think, how our minds work. So I read, a lot, and found out what UX design was. I didn’t let it go since then.


I enjoy creating tried and tested solutions that bring clarity to users. I was always a problem solver, so I have decided to make it my work to identify - and possibly solve - businesses’ problems.
Oh, and I am pretty efficient too! But don’t take my word for it, have a look at what people say about me.

How I work


I always base my strategies on analysis and measurements. I believe making data-driven decisions is key to ensure great design, and ultimately success.


I will focus on your users’ needs and expectations, and will always balance them with your business constraints.


I design clean, clear, well-thought-out products. This ensures that the designs I create guide your customers effortlessly to their intended destinations.


From big picture to small details, I will bring strong project management skills to every project I work on.


I thrive on diversity, taking on projects that span various industries across Europe. I find joy in every new discovery.


I aim to establish a relationship with every client and work with you to define your goals, needs and constraints. I appreciate transparent communication and welcome valuable feedback.


Research, analysis & testing
Google Analytics Excel Lyssna (Usability Hub) OptimalSort
Design & protoyping
Figma Adobe CC
Wireframing & user flows
Figjam Miro Marvel Figma
Notion Trello
Slack ChatGPT

What people say about me