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UX-UI Designer - Marketing - Project manager


Sept-Oct 2023 (1.5 month)



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The company

Sphinx Engineery is an innovating startup based in the south of France, specialising in solar independence systems. They operate in Europe, providing sustainable solutions to households and companies.

The project

Following an audit, Sphinx Engineering opted for a complete website overhaul. The prior version exhibited graphical inconsistencies, used overly technical language, and presented weak and unsubstantiated marketing and sales arguments. The company sought a clear and compelling redesign, better suited to attract prospects.

The mission

Creating a new website from scratch

Or more exactly, from the company’s logo, focusing on:

  • crafting a strong and consistent visual identity;
  • clarifying the offer;
  • initiating branding and setting the brand’s tone;
  • leading the project to full development and deployment with third parties.

The goal

Attract customers

The end game here was to provide a clear overview of Sphinx Engineery’s identity and offer and to enable them to attract prospects with this new website.

The approach

Focus on the user

My approach for this project revolved around reinstating the user as the focal point of my design.

I redesigned the website’s architecture and flows to align with user needs. I also rethought all the content to provide comprehensible and valuable information for prospects and, consequently, the company. Additionally, I adopted a competitive strategy, actively engaging prospects in both the market and the company (e.g. by explaining the benefits of solar independence systems and highlighting the company's competitive edge in this market).

The new architecture prioritises user needs, with separate sections for households and companies.

Crafting intuitive user flows, I ensured efficient access to information and encouraged interaction, addressing previous pain points and providing a seamless user experience.

Visual identity built from the logo and signature orange colour.
I paid particular attention to consistency when implementing the identity in the UI, as this was one of the pain points of the previous version of the website.

While creating the content, I adopted a user-centric perspective - empowering users for a more engaging experience.
E.g. “Is it interesting for me?” instead of the classic “Am I eligible to this service?”

A custom set of illustrations designed in the spirit of the new visual identity.

The result

An effective showcase website

After working with a developer and translator, Sphinx Engineery now boasts a brand new website in two languages. The new flows are easy to follow and the content is accessible to everyone.
To make future work easier, I set up data collection with Google Analytics so that the client can monitor the site’s performance and improve on pain points.
Next step: a German translation and new pages.

A word from the client

I had the SPHINX Engineery site designed by a beginner agency whom I wanted to give a chance to work with. After several weeks of exchanges, corrections and non-compliant results, I gave up with a site that didn't look very good.
When I spoke to Laure, who had been recommended to me by a friend, she offered to audit the site before doing anything else. An act of honesty that I really appreciated. She finally understood the reasons for my disappointment. She also understood the urgency and the lack of time for me.
Laure took the project from A to Z: understanding the company's needs, the wide range of customers, the products and services and the company's philosophy. She did competitive research. And she was very relevant in her proposals for the design, writing and layout of information for the site's visitors.
Without any exaggeration on my part, the launch of the new site was immediately rewarded by contacts of value with whom we have begun collaborating.
As part of our business, we'll be developing other sites and marketing initiatives, and we've already asked Laure to take them on.

Laredj Drici
Sphinx Engineery CEO
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