I am Laure, a creative UX-UI designer and marketing manager. I create impactful websites, apps and experiences for my clients, from content to flows and interfaces.

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My expertise lies in crafting strategies that speak directly to your audience.

I design and optimise experiences, always:

  • ensuring websites and web applications are responsive;
  • caring about accessibility, including any specific focus the clients may have;
  • meeting your specific requirements.

I can support you throughout the entire process – research, planning, execution and optimisation...

X ...or for specific tasks.

You can hire me to...
Website & app creation

Design websites and applications with intuitive architectures, smooth flows and engaging interfaces, and optimize existing ones.

Visual identity & guidelines

Create a unique visual identity that resonates with your brand and impactful design guidelines.

User research & usability

Dive deep into user behavior through research, audits and collaborative workshops.

Brand development & marketing

Shape compelling brand identities (incl. logo and slogans) and marketing strategies tailored to achieve your goals.

Content creation

Create engaging content for websites and applications, including copywriting and visual research.

Website optimization

Monitor and enhance your website’s performance for better conversions.

Collaboration & turnkey service

Collaborate seamlessly with your cross-functional teams, or enjoy a hassle-free turnkey service.

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